A Commedia dell'Arte Archive online

incommedia.it is a project with the aim to recover and to valorize the tradition of Commedia dell'Arte.
incommedia.it has been developed since 2005, with the fundamental support of IMAIE, by the cultural association SAT.
incommedia.it has the following goals:
  • to collect and to spread the information on Commedia dell'Arte at a national and international level;
  • to locate and to emphasize the italian and european evidences of Commedia dell'Arte, promoting catalogation projects;
  • to facilitate the relations between practical and historical researchers and the national and international institutions;
  • to promote meetings, conferences, exhibitions, cultural initiatives, studies and the research to deepen the knowledge of Commedia dell'Arte techniques.
incommedia.it has three main sections:
- online database
- video archive
- DVD productions