Production of Commedia dell'Arte DVDs

To document and understand what Commedia dell'Arte is today started on a journey to meet and interview people that play,direct, produce or teach the techniques of Commedia dell'Arte; interviews to universitary studiouses will permit to insert the actual practice in a historical context.

Commedia dell'Arte and New Technologies
The first DVD realized in 2005 with some of the recorded interviews by prove that today Commedia dell'Arte is still living and there is a keen interest around his practices. The DVD is composed by three sections:
  • A brief presentation of one of the more actual use of Commedia dell'Arte: a multiuser virtual game, no more online, builded following the Commedia dell'Arte techniques to permit users to improvise on a virtual stage. If you want more information on it go to Commedia Game.
  • In the second section the Mask is presented, from the construction to the opinions of the actors that work with it.
  • In the third section the improvisation technique is analized tryng to understand his importance and if it is still used in the Commedia dell'Arte today performance.
  • The last section is dedicated at the actuality of Commedia dell'Arte, questioning if it is possible to adapt it to the modern situation, what should be done to protect, to promote and to valorize his tradition.
The DVD has english subtitles.

The servants of Arlecchino
The 2006 DVD produced by regard the world knowed performance 'Arlecchino servant of two Masters' representing the revival of the tradition of Commedia dell'Arte and the long-lived staging in Italy since the second war. The performance produced by Piccolo Teatro di Milano, directed by Giorgio Strehler, his protagonist Ferruccio Soleri, are presented with interviews to the actors, someone already present in the first edition of 1948.

Italia in commedia
The first promotional DVD volume dedicated to the Italian Commedia dell'Arte Companies has been produced in 2007. Scenes of a show are presented while the director or the main actor are speaking about the content, the plot or the aims of the company. The DVD will be distributed to the Italian Cultural Institutes and to the main Information Centres for the performing arts in the world.