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One of the main activity is the location and catalogation of audiovisual material, published or not, regarding the Commedia dell'Arte. The material can contain documentation on:
- workshops and workshops demonstrations;
- performances;
- performances rehealsals;
- interviews;
- meeting and conferences.

The project purposes are to build a map to indicate where to find Commedia dell'Arte videos if they are already stored in archives and to prevent the deterioration of private material searching and digitalizing them. engagement to realize this goals are:
- Check how many private and public centres have archives on Commedia dell'Arte videos that are open to public, specify its contents and spread its existence, to compose an always bigger map of the various sources and start an articulated informatic link between collectors, private citizen, experts, amateurs and institutions;
- directly request producing organism, artists and directors to authorise the deposit of videos concerning their creations, to the and to the Centres or Archives that are progressively taking part to our project, having the technical organising qualifications necessary to the conservation and consultation of the materials.

Once has achieved the materials
- is immediately digitalized, stored in DVD supports and compressed as mp4 files for the vision in the public desk;
- starts to make an inventory and catalogues the materials received and deposits them also by the organism included in the project, that offers them free to the consumers after having correctly filed them for the public vision;
- Offers in his own Web site every information regarding the nature and the dislocation of the materials and the possibility of consulting them, by giving on line all the useful news to the amateurs and the experts.

Up to today, the Biblioteca Teatrale del Burcardo in Rome partecipates at the project sheltering the videos collected by with a dedicated public desk for consultation.

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