Commedia dell'Arte Day 2010

Commedia dell'Arte Day proclamation



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SAT association proclaims February 25th Commedia dell'Arte Day to be celebrated annually beginning in 2010.

The Commedia dell'Arte Day aims to promote knowledge of this tradition, born in Italy but practiced today throughout the world. Similar to the World Theatre Day, proclaimed by the International Theatre Institut (ITI) the Commedia dell'Arte Day is open to all the companies and individuals, whether or not they are members of SAT association. All holders of the Commedia dell'Arte tradition can partecipate by organizing an event (such as workshop, performance or conference) in their cities or joining events in other cities.

In 2010 the main center of the celebration has been the city of Bologna in Italy. A full day of events has been organized by the Fraternal Compagnia.

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 Photos from the Commedia dell'Arte Day in Bologna

At the same time Faction of Fools Theatre Company in Washington, DC, coordinated the events in the rest of the world.

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