at the Burcardo Library in Rome
video desk is now
disposable to the public



The material collected and recorded by the Archive is available for the vision in the official house. Since 2006 a program for the circulation of the major part of the material has been started in collaboration with the Biblioteca Teatrale del Burcardo in Rome.
A public dedicated desk is working at the library with a database filled with records of the shows and workshops, conferences and interviews about Commedia dell’Arte, by italian and foreign companies, teachers, actors, directors and researchers, with the related videos in mp4 format. This program follows the main aim of, to promote and spread the knowledge on contemporary activities of Commedia dell’Arte.
Only those institutions giving enough guarantees on safeguarding the copyrights can apply to our project; all the expenses related to the desk development are on the applying institution.

see the website of Biblioteca del Burcardo

see the list of videos from the Archive in the Biblioteca del Burcardo

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