Ministry of Foreign Affair
agreement on the DVD
'Italia in Commedia' shipment published 'Italia in Commedia' in 2007. It is the first volume of the DVDs serie dedicated to the promotion of the Commedia dell'Arte productions of italiaCompanies.

The agreement with the Ministry of Foreign Affair is concluded in 2008. The Ministry will take care of the shipment of the DVD 'Italia in Commedia' to all the Italian Cultural Institute in the world throught his reservedn channels. is providing the english subtitles to the part containing the interviews.

Students, researchers, people working in the performing arts and curios people could ask to the Italian Institute to see our video and maybe have a better understanding of the contemporary Commedia dell'Arte in Italy, what companies are active in the field, maybe invite one of them in their country or decide to go in Italy to have the pleasure to assist to the shows in their original landscape.

We hope to have the possibility, in the future, to send 'Italia in Commedia' to all the Information Centres for the Performing Arts, to the Theatre Festivals, with the aim to promote abroad our tradition.

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