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candidates the Commedia dell'Arte tradition



incommedia.it since 2007 is trying to suggest Commedia dell'Arte as a tradition to insert in the list of the Unesco Intangible Cultural Heritage Convention. But some experts think Commedia dell'Arte doesn't meet some criteria of the convention-

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We believe Commedia dell'Arte is a tradition not so different from Japanese Theatre Noh in relation with his community, and Theatre Noh is already in the list of Unesco.
We believe, moreover, Commedia dell'Arte has to be considered as an European tradition, born in Italy and immediately spreaded in all the other countries. Therefore we ask to the entire European Community to candidate Commedia dell'Arte to the Unesco List.

SAT association, thanks to his project 'incommedia.it', has been inserted in the Unesco List of NGOs and non-profit making institutions and invited to partecipate to the Session of the Intangible Cultural Heritage. Unesco declare to recognize the value of the tradition of Comemdia dell'Arte and the importance of the work of incommedia.it in the field of safeguarding and trasmission of an oral knowledge.
In february 2008 incommedia.it has been present to the Session in Sofia, taking contact with Unesco representatives, distributing the DVD with the petition of many of the Commedia dell'Arte operators, speaking with the French delegates to obtain support for the candidature and making more clear our position to the Italian delegates. As a result of this meeting the application has been delivered and the candidature is now ready to start.

read about the Session in Sofia

If you want to support our efforts, please use this link to write a petition.

We warmly suggest to visit the italian Intangible Cultural Heritage Network website to have a deeper view of the topic.

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