The new seat
takes place in the
new seat in Tuscany



Finally the Archive has an official seat where to store, digitizing and catalogue the videos collected and produced.

We warmly thanks the Major and the Administration of Rapolano Terme Municipality for the support in our work. The room for the Archive seat is located inside the Grancia in Serre di Rapolano, a village in the Siena disctrict. Several Grancia are in the province, erected and owned by Santa Maria della Scala di Siena.

In this Grancia actually there is the Olive Oil Museum, the Documentation Centre of Grancia" and others exposition rooms.

See a decription of the Museo dell'Antica Grancia di Serre [it]

See the website of Municipality of Rapolano Terme [it]

associazione SAT
c/o Museo della Grancia
via Fratelli Rosselli
Serre di Rapolano
53040 Rapolano Terme
Siena Italy

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